October 2, 2016

5 Healthy Work Lunch Hacks

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Why pack a work lunch when there is so much wonderful food available close by? There are a variety of reasons, but the main two are: health and cost. When we haven’t planned out our meals we tend to make poor food choices. Over a long period of time, this can have a dramatic effect on overall health and leave you feeling overweight, energy-less, and under productive. Secondary to health are the costs, which when added up, can be HUGE! Do yourself a favour this year – boost your health and your wallet with the following healthy work lunch hacks.

1. Switch Up Your Sandwiches
Eating the same sandwich day-in day-out can get old, but with a little thought, you can spruce them up. Try some alternative bread options like whole wheat wraps, or whole grain pita pockets. You can also use whole grain crackers, which pair well with a lot of ingredients. When thinking about the contents think minimal spread, lean meats, limited dairy and lots of greens! Here is a great wrap recipe, which is full of goodness:

Greek Style Chicken Wrap:
Combine grocery store rotisserie chicken, tomatoes, cucumbers, olives and hummus on a whole wheat tortilla. Then enjoy a great balanced meal of fats, carbs and protein!

2. Squeeze in Your Veggies
Veggies can easily be worked in to your lunches, just try thinking past the standard tomato and lettuce. Add in some sliced zucchini, pumpkin, squash or cucumber. Instead of cheese or mayo as a dipping sauce, try hummus or crushed avocado. A fantastic snack is dipping raw carrots into protein rich hummus, which is delicious. You can even spread avocado instead of butter on sandwiches. It tastes amazing!

3. Use Up Last Night’s Leftovers
We often end up making too much for our evening dinner. Why not put leftovers to good use and bring them in for lunch? Cook with this idea in mind and keep meals as healthy as possible. To make things even easier, have a spare container ready to dish it into and leave aside to cool for the coming days. Another idea is to make your dinner in bulk and freeze multiple single portions in disposable containers.

4. Take a Meal in a Glass
Smoothies and juices are a fantastic way to pack a large amount of nutrients into your diet. Either in the morning or the night before, blend up a juice which is 80% veggie and 20% fruit (for sweetness). Doing this on a regular basis will super charge the amount of nutrients your body is getting and leave you feeling truly awesome. Here is a great recipe to get you started:

Green Juice 101:
3 parts kale/spinach/cucumber juice
4 parts apple or pear juice
2 parts kiwi or lemon juice
1 part ginger

5. Keep Your Work Desk Stocked Up
There’s nothing worse than being in a fix and having to resort to unhealthy take-out or restaurant food. If you’ve been doing really well with your diet and nutrition, this can feel like a real set back. Never be caught short again and have your desk stocked up with non-perishable healthy snacks. Some simple ideas are as sealed bags of dried fruit or veggie chips, fresh fruits, rice crackers and a spread, tinned fish (not always the best choice unless you have your own office) and much more. Just remember to keep snacks that are healthy, taste great and that satisfy hunger cravings.


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