June 20, 2017

A Message from Stephen Kishore



Dear Valued Member,

IBM chairman Thomas J. Watson, who in 1943, is alleged to have said "I think there is a world market for maybe five computers. However, today the world is engulfed by computing technology and has changed the way we live and do Business. As we are passing through this interesting journey, the world is about to be transformed by a series of digital disruptions.

In his fascinating book, Physics of the Future, Michio Kaku, says: “In all likelihood, by 2100, we will control computers via tiny brain sensors and, like magicians, move objects around with the power of our minds and Internet-enabled contact lenses will allow us to conjure up any image in the blink of an eye.” To know more of his predictions, please click here.

With Dubai and DMCC leaping ahead with a vision to be the forerunner in adopting the latest technologies, the time here in DMCC will be highly rewarding. The Free Zone with the future proofed technology platform (Salesforce) will embrace the journey of digital disruption and so it is with the rest of the business verticals in DMCC.

With the fascinating future in hand, I leave you with two thoughts:

  1. In 30 years from now, the world will be totally different than how it is today; Are you prepared to absorb and embrace the latest concepts?
  2. On the contrary, the world will continue to face a problem named “Paradox of Automation”; it applies to the wide variety of contexts from the operators of spaceships to the fact that we struggle with mental arithmetic because we have electronic calculators.

An age-old Chinese proverb says: “Whatever is flexible and flowing will always tend to grow and whatever is rigid and blocked will wither and fade.”

Sharpen your skills and embrace the change and grand future that are waiting for you.


Best regards,


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