December 26, 2018

DMCC Service Updates- December 26 2018


We are pleased to share with you our service updates that aim to improve and facilitate our range of services for our members.


Recently Enhanced and Automated Services

Enhancing the Service Request ‘Appeal Against Fines’

We are pleased to inform you that the service request ‘Appeal Against Fines’ has been enhanced, where a new field titled ‘Appeal Reasons’ has been added under the Appeal details. This will show and classify the most common reasons for the appeal received from clients. The Appeal Reason will be displayed as a drop-down menu and will change based on the ‘Appeal Type’ selected.

Enhancing the DMCC Live Chat Service

We are pleased to inform you that the DMCC Live Chat service available on the DMCC website on ‘Open a Business’ Form webpage at has been enhanced by introducing 3 features that customers can now enjoy as follows:

  1. Introducing Documents Attachment: Customers are now able to attach any document for the live chat agent to view through the live chat.
  2. Introducing Chat Transcript: Customers will now receive an email post the chat, with the full chat transcript for their reference and record.
  3. Introducing Post Chat Survey: Customers will now receive a satisfaction survey link by email to evaluate the chat service.


Newly Added Activities

Please refer to the full list of DMCC approved activities at DMCC list of approved activities.

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