February 21, 2019

DMCC Service Updates - February 2019


We are pleased to share with you our service updates that aim to improve and facilitate our range of services for our members.

Recently Enhanced and Automated Services

The launch of the ‘Home Office with a Business Licence’ Offer

We are pleased to announce the launch of the ‘Home Office with a Business Licence’ offer, a DMCC and Emaar joint initiative that is aimed to target investors and entrepreneurs who work from their homes by offering them a bundled company setup package. This is the first of its kind Home Office with a Business Licence offer, where all buyers of a residential unit at the Park Ridge Towers (Executive Residences) will be eligible for a 3-year renewable DMCC business licence, a business address, and one free 3-year renewable residence visa from DMCC. To get more details on the Emaar Property, clients can contact Emaar at 800-EMAAR (36227). For more details on DMCC address, clients can email DMCC at setup@dmcc.ae.


Updates on the Company Employment Card

We are pleased to inform you that we have launched a new system enhancement, where DMCC member companies will no longer be receiving a physical Company Employment Card (CEC); but instead, a renamed electronic card ‘Company Employment Certificate’ (E-CEC) will be issued.

The E-CEC will be automatically generated in the Member Portal once the residence visa stamping process is completed; under the same service request ‘Generated Documents’ section. There will be two formats of the E-CEC; one will be a ‘Company Employment Certificate’ with a document verification number which the client can verify through DMCC website at www.dmcc.ae/document_verification, and the second format will be designed as the existing card, which the employee can laminate in case they wish to keep a hardcopy with them.


New GDRFA Requirements for New Employment Visas

The General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs - Dubai (GDRFA) announced recently a set of new requirements for Employment Visa applications. When making an application online, it is now mandatory for nationals of the countries listed below to submit a copy of their national identification card (“national ID card”).

Country Required ID 
Afghanistan  Any National ID 
Iran  Shinzenameh
Iraq  Butaka Sukaniya
Pakistan  Any National ID 

The ID card must be uploaded in the Employment Visa service request (inside / outside the country) at the Entry Permit stage, by adding a Miscellaneous slot under ‘Documents/Uploads’.


Newly Added Activities

Please refer to the full list of DMCC approved activities at DMCC list of approved activities.

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