April 5, 2018

DMCC Services Updates - April 2018


We are pleased to share with you our service updates that aim to improve and facilitate our range of services for our members.

Recently Enhanced and Automated Services

Enhancing to the Company Coordinator Service Requests:

Please be advised that effective 15 April 2018, the service requests for the Company Representative (PRO) is now renamed the ‘Company Coordinator’ service requests. In addition to the change of name, please note that each appointed Company Coordinator (previously named as Company Representative PRO) will now have an assigned unique identification number that will be stored in each Company Account. Members can view the Company Coordinator details on the member portal under “My Reports” tab -- “Company Coordinator Report”.

Please note that this unique identification number will be necessary to quote at the DMCC Client Service Centre counters and through all other communication channels where there will be a DMCC authentication process before proceeding with any service. The ‘Company Coordinator’ service requests are available on the member portal under Company Services tab -- Company Coordinator menu.

Enhancement to the Employment Visa Cancellation Service Request:

We are pleased to inform you that effective 15 April 2018, the Employment Visa Cancellation service request has been enhanced where a new field has been added to determine if the applicant is outside the country for more than six months, with the aim to avoid the e-signature process and make it more convenient for the client to proceed with the application.

Updates on the Certificate of Good Conduct Requirement:

As per the latest update from the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs - Dubai (GDRFA), please be advised that the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation has temporarily suspended the requirement for the Certificate of Good Conduct until further notice.

In this respect, please note that applicants are no longer required to upload the Certificate of Good Conduct / Police Clearance in the service requests ‘New Employment Visa’ and ‘Transfer an Employee to DMCC from Others’.

Suspension of DNRD PRO No Objection Certificates Services:

Kindly be informed that effective 22 April 2018, in line with the introduction of online application submission at the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA), DMCC will no longer provide the services of issuing No Objection Certificates (NOC) for New or renewal of cards for Public Relation Officers (PRO) for companies to have a designated PRO at the Immigration Department (GDRFA).

Please note that if a company already has an active PRO, as per GDRFA, the company must cancel the card upon expiry directly at GDRFA; noting that failure to cancel the PRO card, a penalty of AED 100 will be applied on the company on monthly basis by GDRFA.

In this respect, please note that the following No Objection Certificates (NOC) are now disabled on the member portal:

  • 063-Approve employee as PRO DNRD
  • 064-Approve renewal of PRO for DNRD

Launch of the Member Authentication Process:

In the endeavour to ensure the member company’s privacy and to enhance the customer experience, we are pleased to inform you that that DMCC is introducing an authentication process when contacting DMCC through the Contact Centre effective 29th April 2018.

This authentication will enable the Contact Centre agent to efficiently provide the assistance required to you through the ‘Caller Authentication’ upgraded system that has been implemented.  

Please find below the three options for the caller authentication:

1. If you are an ‘Existing Member Company’, and you wish to request information / updates related to your company’s requests:
  • The authorised caller on behalf of the company can be:
    • Your company’s Shareholder / Director / Legal Representative / Secretary / Manager / HR Signatory.
    • Or any authorised person of your company who has access to the company portal.
  • The required information for the authentication will be the Company Account Number and the 4 digits Unique Key, which can be found on the Company Portal under ‘My Company’.

2. If you are an ‘Existing Member’, and you wish to request information / updates related to an employee’s under process request:

  • The authorised caller who can request updates is the company’s active employee.
  • The required information for the authentication will be the employee’s Employment Card (CEC) or Identity Card (PIC) number, which can be found on the PIC / Employment Card.
  • The provided information by the Contact Centre Agent will be restricted to the info / updates related to the employee only. Obtaining any company related info / updates will not be granted to preserve your company’s data privacy.

3. If you are a ‘Company Coordinator and / or a Consultant’, and wish to request information / updates related to an existing member company’s under process requests:

  • You would need then to be an authorised company coordinator (PRO or Consultant) in order to get the service request updates on behalf of the company. You would need in this case to know the unique CC number in order to be authenticated; where the member company is advised to apply for Company Coordinator service request and following the approval of the service request, the CC number will be provided to the company where the company would need to share the CC number with you to use for the authentication.
  • The company can get the list of the company coordinators from ‘My Reports’ tab by running the ‘Company Coordinator Report’.
  • If a ‘Company Coordinator and Consultant’ is calling DMCC Contact Centre, the Contact Centre agent will assist the caller for multiple accounts updates after getting a ‘Manual Authentication’, which consists of providing (the CC Document Number, and Company name).
  • You will get the service requests updates related to only the same company that has been authenticated.

In light of the above, all member companies are advised to ensure that they have appointed Company Coordinator/s to ensure that they get all the updates from DMCC in a timely manner. Also, member companies will need to refer to their Unique Key number for the same.

Top Up Your Portal through Emirates NBD Cash Deposit Machines:

As we continuously strive to provide you with the most comprehensive services that accommodate all your needs, we are pleased to inform you that you can now top up your member portal balance through the Emirates NBD Cash Deposit Machines (CDM) across all UAE.  

You can find the nearest ENBD Cash Deposit Machine at the Emirates NBD website at http://www.emiratesnbd.com/en/branches-and-atms/.



Q: What are the current channels to top up my portal balance?

A: Currently you can use one of the following channels to top up your portal balance:

  1. At DMCC Member Portal.
  2. At DMCC Cashier Counter.
  3. At Noor Bank Cash Deposit Counters
  4. At Emirates NBD Cash Deposit Machines

Q: What is the process to top up the portal using Emirates NBD CDM?

A: Please find below the steps to top up the portal balance using Emirates NBD CDM:

Step 1: Click ‘Please press here for Deposits’.
Step 2: Choose the desired language.
Step 3: Click ‘Payments’ to display all payment options on the screen.
Step 4: Click ‘Other Services’, then, click ‘DMCC’.
Step 5: Enter Member Company’s account number and ‘Confirm’.
Step 6: Enter the four digit unique key and ‘Confirm’. Key should be masked when customer is entering the same (just like PIN).
Step 7: Verify the company account name and account number and click ‘Next’.
Step 8: Select ‘Portal Deposit’ and insert cash in the machine. Deposited amount will be displayed on the screen.
Step 9: Click on ‘Confirm’ and print the receipt. Printing Receipt is mandatory.
Step 10: After receipt is printed, the CDM session will be terminated.

Q: How can I find the unique key?

A: Recently, DMCC has introduced a four digit unique key. You will need the unique key to top up your portal balance through any channel.
You can find your unique key on DMCC member portal, under ‘My Company’ tab.


Newly Added Activities

Please refer to the full list of DMCC approved activities at DMCC list of approved activities.

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