July 15, 2018

DMCC Services Updates - July 2018


We are pleased to share with you our service updates that aim to improve and facilitate our range of services for our members.

Recently Enhanced and Automated Services

Updates on the Courier Services:

In the endeavour to provide faster and the most convenient and secure services which aim to cater to all our members, we are pleased to inform you that the process for the DMCC Courier Services related to Visa and Establishment Card services has been enhanced.

Please note that from 1st July onwards, the courier delivery of documents related to Visa and Establishment Card service requests has been made available for all members at a nominal fee whether they are on Business Centre / Flexi Desk or Non-Flexi Desk / Physical Office, which will take only 1-2 business days once DMCC receives the documents back from the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA). The new process will ensure that members will no longer need to come to DMCC to collect their passports and other documents over the counter, allowing zero waiting time for collection, ease the process as well as providing more flexible options.

In this respect, please note that all Non-Business Centre and Physical Office member companies will have their documents couriered to their registered office address, while all Business Centre and Flexi Desk member companies will have their documents couriered to an address of their choice within the UAE.

In this option, as part of the enhanced courier security, the courier agent will verify the recipient selected in the visa / Establishment Card service request at the time of delivery, who will be required to present a valid UAE ID in order to complete the delivery process. Please note that the courier will only be delivered to the selected recipient mentioned on the service request.

In the event where the member is not able to collect from the courier agent after 3 failed attempts, he/she can then collect at DMCC counters; However, no courier fee will be refunded at that point.


What is the new process?

1. Please note that during the submission stage of the service request, a new button named ‘Select Recipient’ will be available. Upon clicking, a field will appear whereby the client must select the recipient to whom the courier will be delivered.

2. On selecting the recipient:

a) For Non-Business Centre and Physical Office member companies, the address details will be pre-selected as the company office address and the member will only be able to select the preferred courier time and type in the recipient’s email address and mobile number (in case there are any changes to the number/email pre-selected by the system).  

b) For Business Centre and Flexi Desks members, the address details must be entered manually for any location based in the UAE, along with the preferred Emirate, courier time, recipient’s email address and mobile number. 

3. Once the details have been entered, the member must click ‘Select’ to return the page back to the service request for submission. Members can check the selected recipient with address details in the ‘Addresses’ Section of the service request.


Updates on the Knowledge and Innovation Dirham Fees:

Please be advised that as per the Government of Dubai - Department of Finance recent “Law No. (1) of 2018 concerning the Knowledge Dirham Fee” and “Law No. (2) of 2018 concerning the Innovation Dirham Fee”, all government departments, entities and public authorities including Free Zone authorities will be charging AED 20 on the “Innovation Dirham” and “Knowledge Dirham” fees for every transaction above AED 50 executed through the respective authority.

Please note that the implementation of the Knowledge and Innovation Dirham fees was effective from Sunday 8 July 2018.


DMCC Help Centre Platform is Launched

We are pleased to inform you that effective 22nd July 2018, DMCC has launched the new self-service platform titled ‘DMCC Help Centre’ that you can visit at www.dmcc.ae/helpcentre. The Help Centre offers an array of features that are designed to provide you with instant information and enables you to connect to DMCC through different channels.

The new platform will offer you a rich Knowledge Hub of topics and sub topics under which you can find all the relevant FAQs, guidelines, videos…etc. in a seamless and user-friendly way; allowing you to search for information with instant results. You will be able to view the most viewed articles and FAQs in addition to archived members’ communications.

You can submit a query, feedback, compliment or complaint through a defined process; while having a record of all your cases and track them in a much efficient way.

The DMCC Help Centre is offering for the first time a defined mechanism for case escalation in the event where a member’s case resolution is not satisfactory.

You can conveniently log on to the DMCC Help Centre from your member portal or from the DMCC website under the ‘Support’ tab. If you are accessing the help centre from the portal, you will already be authenticated and will have full access and view of all the information available. If you are accessing the help centre from the website or from the link above, please authenticate yourself by entering your company account number and unique key, which you can find under ‘My Company’ tab in your member portal.

Please note that DMCC will soon deactivate all the following generic emails, where you can only raise a case through the DMCC Help Centre for an efficient, quick and tracked process.



To learn how to navigate the platform and use its various features, please refer to The DMCC Help Centre Walk through. You can also check the ‘How to Navigate’ page on the DMCC Help Centre for more information.


Newly Added Activities

Please refer to the newly added activities to the DMCC list of approved activities.

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