June 1, 2017

A Message from Andrew J. Hudson

Andrew J. Hudson

Dear Valued Members,

It is an honour to be the second guest Editor for the DMCC member’s newsletter. This all came about through the introduction of the ‘Idea’s Platform’ and our contribution of an idea.

Our Company, Excelsior DMCC, was established in April 2015 and has enjoyed being a part of the thriving DMCC community. It has been a great business community to offer our Executive search and HR consultancy services. We have had wonderful support from DMCC and the business community.

The ideas platform was another great inclusive initiative from DMCC to allow member companies to share ideas to help and support the entire community. The idea we put forward was a platform to promote the 14,000+ DMCC businesses to each other and encourage us to work together and support each other, which should help us all grow together. This can be both online and offline, with opportunities for companies to showcase their products and services through an online site, as well as through networking opportunities, mini industry-related exhibitions, online marketing and advertising opportunities as well as a place to propose exclusive offers or discounts. Hopefully allowing those interested, to learn about their fellow member companies and provide the chance to explore business cooperation and growing together and attract more companies to join our flourishing business community.

Thank you DMCC and fellow member companies for your support and votes, it was a great honour to win an award and be invited to share our idea, which we hope if implemented, will help our entire business community work closer together. We look forward to seeing future ideas themes on the ideas platforms and all members’ contributions.


Best regards,
Andrew J. Hudson
Managing Director, Excelsior DMCC
Winner of the First Cycle of the Members Ideas Platform

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